Atilla kaya

Who is Dr. Atilla Kaya?

Dr. Atilla Kaya, serving as a general surgery specialist in Istanbul, has more than 30 years of experience. His area of expertise is in proctology (anal diseases), focusing on diagnosis and treatment. It is also worth noting that he is an expert in medical aesthetics.

Diseases We Dıagnose and Treat


We prioritize non-surgical treatment methods for all internal or external hemorrhoid patients.

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For acute fissures, we recommend cream, while for chronic cases, we administer Botox treatment.

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Did you know that pilonidal cyst surgery can be completed within 15 minutes?

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Genıtal Wart

We implement both vaccination and surgical treatment methods for HPV.

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Mole Removal

You can get rid of your moles without any scars using non-surgical mole removal methods.

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Corns and calluses

Within minutes, we perform non-surgical corn treatment using the radiofrequency method.

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Sebaceous cyst

Sebaceous cyst treatment can be performed within 5 minutes using surgical methods.

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Ingrown toenaıl

You can get relief from an ingrown toenail and the pain it causes in just minutes.

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